Sunday, May 9, 2010

Maynard update

Before it started snowing in upstate New York in MAY, I was able to put together the following 50 yard target off a rest with the new Maynard:

The seven ring miss was offhand from the adjacent target--I am still trying to figure out the peep sight on the thing. But at least I've got it in the ballpark for now. I'm shooting Romano's .515 bullet for the gun, pictured below, with 30 grains of 3f. I understand Lyman also has a .515 bullet that I may try as well.

Ended up buying a lube sizer for the thing, and did up 120 rounds yesterday pretty quickly, so I'm a big fan. Still have to sight the gun in at 100 yards, but we're almost there. With luck I'll also get my musket sights filed down in time for the nationals . . . maybe today.


  1. Jim looks like a good start Walt

  2. thanks Walt, I've gotten them a little tighter and a little more toward the center. Now it's on to the 100 yd targets.

  3. Musket sight is filed down; Maynard sights are dialed in; done a bunch of offhand shooting these past two days. The guns are better than I am. Oh well. Practice, practice, practice.

    see you all next week.

  4. I have the a Lyman .515 mould on the way. Let me know if you want some rounds to try.