Monday, September 13, 2010

Leo Massei

As you all knew, Dad has been fighting Pancreatic Cancer for the last 20 months. Last night, approx. Midnight, that fight ended. Dad has crossed over the river, and is now resting in the shade of the trees.

All, or some of you know that this passing, triggers a solemn mission at this Fall's National. I hope to join you for this and will be in touch.

I enjoyed skirmishing with the 4th, and I really enjoyed skirmishing with Dad, once I talked him back in! But Dad, was a lifer when it came to skirmishing. I believe it has been his favorite thing to do for decades. Initially, a founding member of the Richmond Volunteer Militia in the 50s, to the 4th Virginia Infantry, Co. F. Grayson Dare Devils from the 90s until the end. He loved the team, he loved the history, he loved the sport.

with deepest regards,
Joe Massei

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