Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Range report, the good, the bad and the ugly

Took advantage of decent weather yesterday to try out the Hoyt reline springfield and the Sharps carbine. Without touching the 1861 sights from before the reline, shooting a benchrest 3" 10 shot string about 2" rt of center, elevation good. Had a little difficulty loading the latter rounds, probably a combination of 6 month old ammo (Walt's recipe lube) and 45 F ambient temp (thoughts?). Shots made two ragged holes between the 10 shots.
Sharps carbine functioned properly, 25 shots w/o any noticable increase in effort operating the block. 4" 10 shot group, from benchrest, could probably have shot better, was trying to get a feel for the carbine. Blazing fast to reload, which is kind of a bad thing because the ammo required multiple steps to manufacture. Need to move the rear sight for windage, but the elevation for 50 yards with the sight flipped up and the bar at the bottom is right on. Pays to be Irish around St. Paddy's Day.
Went back to the range this morning with the Winter project 1863, new Whitacre barrel. Group size very similar to the 1861, though there was some wind this morning, and it was 10 F cooler. Similar problems loading, I'm pretty sure its the temp causing the problem. Shooting 4" rt, not bad considering I just lightly staked the new front sight and took it to the range. Also shooting 3" low , center hold. I've already done the math and adjusted the windage, going to wait till next session to do any filing on the front sight.
I need to do some casting, still need to test out the Hoyt Smith carbine reline and make a few rounds for Tiverton. Hope to spend the rest of March casting bullets.

Oh yeah, most important.....40 rounds musket and 25 rounds carbine NO KEYHOLES!


  1. awesome update, Jon. I've been doing an awful lot of rimfire shooting this winter to get myself more steady. If the snow EVER melts, I'll get to the outdoor range to see if tighter groups will result with my black powder guns.

    Looking forward to seeing your guns!

  2. Had a good day shooting with Tom yesterday. I will grudgingly admit that I'm impressed with Tom's Maynard. I went home and put a peep sight on my Smith. Still feels like you're holding a Red Ryder BB gun though. Also, Tom, I think its missing the front handguard!
    Got the '63 Springfield set for 50yards, giving it another shakedown Sunday in Tiverton, will try to post some pics.