Monday, July 2, 2012

Glastonbury Skirmish

Another successful Regional skirmish completed: the 1st CVI ran everything as smoothly as possible. Less than 4 seconds between 1st & 2nd in the musket team, the 15th CVI continued their 1st place streak with their carbine team and the 10th Mass keeps everybody chasing them with their smooth bores.

The Regional Team Standings are also included after three (3) skirmishes. I've added the Smooth Bore results for interest!

Individuals and team standings are attached as pdf files


14th CVI "A" 612.7

14th VA Cav 616.2

4th VA Inf "A" 748.5

15th CVI 828.4

14th CVI "B" 856.6

34th VA Batt'l 905.0

10th Mass 1,012.7

20th CVI 1,020.6

42nd NYVI 1,108.5

5th CVI 1,301.2

th VA Inf "B" 1,717.0


15th CVI 496.4

4th VA "A" 676.9

10th Mass "A" 701.2

14th VA Cav 727.9

34th VA Batt'l 861.5

4th VA Inf "B" 925.9

14th CVI 971.4

42nd NYVI 1,301.7

5th CVI 1,344.5


10th Mass "A" 428.7
14th VA Cav 456.9

15th CVI "A" 536.7

15th CVI "B" 556.6

4th VA Inf "A" 664.5

14th CVI "B" 765.9

10th Mass "B" 809.0

4th VA "B" 852.0

5th CVI 892.0

14th CVI "A" 920.0

34th VA Batt'l 928.0

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