Saturday, March 30, 2013

Winter project complete. Richmond Cavalry Musketoon

Several photos of the project at various stages. I found two sporterized model 1842s and built a full length 1842 out of the best pieces. With the leftover parts, I decided to build a Richmond Cavalry musketoon. I cut back the sporterized stock to musketoon length, repaired, and refinished it. It was missing wood on either side of the tang, and behind the lockplate. Also needed a new lockplate as the one I had was cracked. Found a good deal on a pitted, but otherwise functional Harper's Ferry 1844. The barrel was lined by Robert Hoyt and a repro front sight soldered on. I also found a repro rear sling swivel from Gator Den at the Nationals. I cut a brass 1816 ramrod down to musketoon length. All other parts are original model 1842. Took it out to the range and was happy with the initial results at 25 yards. Pictures show it in various stages of manufacture, and I included a picture of an original for comparison from the Richmond Armory.

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