Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hoyt barrel reline

Got my barrel back from Robert Hoyt yesterday. Specs exactly as promised, in the time promised. My .576 sized Hodgdon minnies fits in the muzzle perfectly. Palpably deeper grooves at muzzle, and a proper crown. Kept the original 3 lands 1 in 56 twist. Cleaned the bore, snapped it back into the stock, ready for the season. Now I wish I had last season back.
Will need to sight it in again when I get some nice weather, have moved on to refinishing my backup musket, and looking out for the fedex truck with a Sharps carbine that I'm getting as a trade. Will be sending it off to Charlie Hahn to get it skirmish ready, now also planning to send my Smith to Hoyt for a reline. Bring on the Spring!


  1. Jon, that's great news, eager to hear how it shoots. Did you get the Armi Sport Sharps? also curious about that, let us know when the FedEx truck arrives.

  2. Slugged the barrel on the Sharps, sending off for a custom mold, then sending both for modifications.