Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Analyzing misses

Got out for another hour or so this afternoon to shoot some 100 yard targets with the Maynard. Here is the best of the bunch:

Don't know what to make of that group of four that fell into the seven and six rings. I have a shot string chart pulled from somewhere off the net, I think originally from an army shooting manual. Here's what it says:

click to enlarge

What do any of you think? jerking the trigger is a definite possibility, but the idea of having too large a peep near the eye (6 o'clock string) is also possible. I'm still trying to figure out the optimal place to cheek the gun for a consistent look through the peep. thoughts??


  1. My carbine's a mess and I'm too new to give advice. I'm only writing this so you don't think I'm ignoring you

  2. I did put a new rock steady rear sight on my Smith. Like the new sight picture. Hoping to put a few rounds at 50 on paper soon.