Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fun Shoot in Monroe, NY

Walt and I went to a Muzzleloading Fun Shoot today at a local club. What a ball! We set up 25 targets at various distances, ranging from 7 yards to 55 yards. Targets were quite an assortment...everything from metal gongs, to a length of chain, to wooden match sticks. There were drinking straws, balloons, playing cards (on their EDGE!), birthday candles and the like. The entrance fee included lunch, and all who entered were assured to go home with a prize or two. Prizes...also a cool variety...of meat! Chickens, steaks, hams, bacon and eggs, etc. It's sad that there were only 10 of us who signed up...but it was a fun, informal and all around good time. Most of the guys were shooting round ball, while Walt and I brought our muskets. In the photo are: Walt, Larry Witko (the organizer), my brother John Bailey and myself. The photographer was Mikey--who took the photo with his Nintendo DSi videogame! Walt hit the most targets out of everyone...I didn't do bad...hit about half of them. Anybody ever try to put a .58 cal minie ball inside the "hole" of a pretzel...without breaking the pretzel??

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