Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Here's the Saratoga Results 6/19 & 6/20

Nice Job, guys! Individual medals for Walt, Jim and Al T


14th VA Cav 730.5
XXXX 885.0
15th CVI 928.1
4th VA Inf 977.5
73rd NYI 982.1
XXXX 1149.5


14th VA Cav A 654.3
4th VA Inf A 728.9
15th CVI 743.9
73rd NYI 1003.1
14th VA Cav B 1084.6
4th VA Inf B 1156.8
10th Mass 1188.5
34th VA Cav 1646.5


4th VA Inf 233.5
10th Mass 261.7
15th CVI A 290.6
14th VA Cav B 435.7
14th VA Cav A 462.6
14th CVI 534.7
15th CVI B 602.0
20th CVI 705.7


50yd MUSKET:

T Burcher 47
A Trovato 46-1x
P Barbieri 46
W Clark 45-1x
H Anagnostis 45-1x

100yd Musket

P Barbieri 46
T Burcher 45-1x
T Occhi 44-1x
W Magee 44
W Clark 44

Musket Agg:

T Burcher 92-1x
P Barbieri 92
W Clark 89-1x

50 yd CARBINE:

W Clark 45-1x
D Stedman 45-1x
J Tantillo 45
D Smith 43-1x
M Koprowski 43

100 yd Carbine:

D Stedman 46-2x
M Koprowski 45
W Clark 44
A La Patra 43
P Orzolek 40

Carbine Agg:

D Stedman 91-3x
W Clark 89-1x
M Koprowski 88

25 yd Smoothbore:

M Koprowski 47-1x
A La Patra 47-1x
M Ross 46

50 yd Smoothbore

M Koprowski 46
W Kiel 45
D Collins 42

S'bore Agg:

M Koprowski 93-1x
D Collins 86-1x
A Torday 84

50 yd Breechloader:

G Rohde 46-1x
P Barbeiri 46
C Henshell 46

100yd B'loader

G Rohde 45
W Clark 40
P Orzolek 37

B'loader Agg:

G Rohde 91-1x
W Clark 84
T Occhi 75-1x

25yd Revolver:

H Anagnostis 47
A La Patra 46-1x
W Clark 46


W Clark 224-2x
D Stedman 221-3x
A La Patra 216-1x


  1. Good job 4th VA! Sorry I haven't seen anyone yet this year but the back is healing up and the wife will be getting some surgery soon that will hopefully take care of a lot of her problems. See you all soon and keep up the great shooting!

  2. Very nice, looking forward to the next skirmish!