Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Iowa MONSTER buck....

After waiting 3 years for the tag I was bowhunting in Iowa with a buddy, some poacher shot this with what sounded like a rifle, and it was too close for comfort. We told the land owner where we thought the shot came from (road hunter) and we both even heard the impact when the bullet hit the deer. Three days later after we left the land owner found the buck in a creek bed. He tagged it and gave it to my buddy when he went back out for shotgun season. What a deer, saw several even bigger than this guy during our week there...they just never came within bow range. Will be eagerly waiting another three years before I get another chance at one of these Iowa monsters. Unofficial score by a guy who knows what he is doing is 199 1/2" What a bruiser, what amazing whitetails that state has. ENJOY

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