Saturday, January 29, 2011

The aging eyes saga continues

Been working on my shooting using a CZ 452 .22lr trainer with open iron sights, shooting 50 foot NRA targets indoors. With my normal contacts it was pretty rough; contacts with reading glasses not much better; things improved a bit with bifocal contact lenses. Today, I shot with my new eyeglasses, which have progressive lenses.

Here's the target I shot. I'm pretty pleased with the results: I could see the front sight pretty well, and as I worked on a consistent sight picture, the progressive lenses helped me maintain a consistent cheek weld as I worked to put the front sight into sharpest focus (there is a sweet spot where the front sight is clearest). This is a benefit of the progressive lenses that had not occurred to me.

Now the problem will be getting shooting glasses in polycarbonate safety lenses, especially for the carbine--those caps really explode off the nipple of the Maynard. Polycarbonate won't be cheap. But I'm thinking that my musket shooting will improve pretty dramatically by switching over to eyeglasses versus sticking with contact lenses and shooting glasses.

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